Musicality on the Move – Episode 1 Steady Beat – Digital Download


A brand new resource for summer 2022 which introduces 10 engaging Dalcroze-inspired movement activities for ballet teachers with ideas for guiding students’ understanding of musical concepts and for helping them develop a deeper connection to music while dancing. We hope that our suggestions and music tracks give you an additional way to work on musicality with your ballet students within our Dalcroze-inspired framework.

This is Episode 1 of 10. Episode 1 encompasses 10  fun activities and comes with 12 original music tracks specially composed by Debbi Parks and a detailed Word document by Marilyn Wyers describing the games and activities.

Included in the download are two versions of a Word document suitable for both recent and legacy versions of Microsoft Word. The document must be viewed in Microsoft Word.

This document is Called “Episode 1 Steady beat and Pulse”

Our digital downloads are the highest quality mp3’s at 320 kbps.

Please make sure your broadband/wireless connection is strong and do not use your computer while the file is downloading which may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed. The file is zipped which will easily open in both PC and MACS where you can also choose where to save the tracks.

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